When Survivors Give Birth Virtual Workshop

When Survivors Give Birth Virtual Workshop

April 30, 2023
8:30 am
- 5:30 pm

Approximately every 68 seconds, a person is sexually assaulted in North America. If you are working with pregnant birthing and postpartum families, you will have clients who have been sexually assaulted, whether they self-identify or not.

In this full-day workshop, facilitated by Jenn Fontaine of Birth Roots, we focus on:

  • Common challenges experienced by the perinatal professional providing care to a sexual abuse survivor
  • Types of abuse
  • Brain development and brain changes as a result of trauma
  • The impact of trauma on the brain and brain development
  • Understanding toxic stress
  • The impact of childhood sexual abuse on:
    • Childhood
    • Adulthood
    • The pregnancy period
    • The birthing period
    • The postpartum period
  • Clinical challenges and possible solutions
  • Triggers and how to help your clients manage them
  • Supporting abuse and trauma survivors through the childbearing year
  • Navigating the birthing experience without experiencing additional trauma.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • The importance of consent
  • Tools for provider self-care

To Register please send an email to info@trenagallant.com with the subject heading “When survivors give birth”, along with your name as you would like it to appear on a certificate, and an email money transfer, or register online at trenagallant.com and pay via paypal. Cost is $150 plus 15% HST.

There are a limited number of spots that will be offered on a sliding scale- if you feel as though this workshop is not financially accessible, please email to discuss options.