DONA Approved Birth Doula Workshop


A Birth Doula:

  • Recognizes birth as a key life experience, understands the physiology of birth and the emotional needs of a woman in labor;
  • Assists a pregnant woman in preparing for and carrying out her plans for the birth;
  • Stays by the side of the laboring woman throughout labor — no change in shift;
  • Provides emotional support, practical comfort measures, an objective viewpoint and information to aid decision making;
  • Acts as a liaison between a laboring woman, her partner and clinical care providers;
  • Does not replace the woman’s partner or clinical care providers.


This workshop will be of interest to:

Women who have an interest in pregnancy and birth and who wish to become a trained doula;

Health care professionals who wish to expand their knowledge of labour support.


Seminar Fees

The cost of the DONA Approved Birth Doula Workshop is $100 for Introduction to Childbirth, $350  Doula Workshop Parts I & II or $450  for three day workshop, and includes workshop manual, and snacks.



Participants are required to read:

1. Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn: The Complete Guide, by Penny Simkin, Janet Whalley & Ann Keppler (ISBN 0-88166-400-6)


2. The Birth Partner: Everything You Need to Know to Help a Woman Through Childbirth, by Penny Simkin (ISBN 1-55832-195-0)



Visit the Program Calendar for details on upcoming training and registration.







How do I become a DONA Certified Birth Doula?

Birth Doula training is comprised of a 16 hour DONA Approved Workshop that covers all you will need to know to educate and support expectant mothers and her support team.  For those who are considering becoming certified, an optional 8 hour Childbirth Education for Doulas is offered the day prior to the weekend training- which is one step toward certification with DONA International.


This workshop is divided into two parts so that participants have a choice as to whether you wish to take both training segments. If you do not have formal training in childbirth education, you will require the Introduction offered on Day 1 in order to become certified as a doula. If you are not intending to work towards certification, Day 2 and 3 will cover the components needed to develop the skills of a Birth Doula.


The workshop emphasizes the importance of appropriate culturally sensitive emotional and practical support. Participants will learn how to enable women and their partners to feel empowered during their birth journey, whether it proceeds normally or presents a variety of challenges during the course of labour, birth and early postpartum. The doula’s scope of practice and ethical standards will be described. The workshop does not include training in clinical skills, since those are outside the scope of practice of the doula.


The workshop is designed to give the skills necessary to become a certified doula and utilizes texts and supplementary literature, videos, and role play to build theoretical knowledge and practical skills.


For information on steps to becoming a certified DONA Birth Doula, visit:


What is the cancellation policy?

Refunds will be given  30 days or more prior to the start date, less a $50 administrative fee. Refunds will not be given within 30 days of the workshop, however, the participant is welcome to apply the fee to a future workshop (the same workshop they originally registered for) within 2 years of the workshop date.


Are babes in arms permitted to attend?

Babes in arms (typically 3 months and under) are welcome to attend the workshop, however, we ask that you step out of the room if they begin to make sounds that may be disruptive to other participants (happy or sad).  Please contact the facilitator if you have any questions.


How do I register?

Visit the Program Calendar for details on upcoming training and registration.


"Trena's facilitation style is interactive and her experience level allows participants to learn a diversity of skills. She brings professionalism, a deep knowledge of how to best support families, as well as her welcoming personality into all that she does. It is because of her coaching and mentoring that I was able to develop the confidence to start my practice as a doula." Ashley, Birth and Postpartum Doula


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